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Archana Singh

Dr. Archana Singh has a PhD in Philosophy. She has done her post -doctoral project entitled “Eco-feminism: A war against survival of the fittest” under the aegis of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. Presently, she is working on various aspects of Caste and Gender. Focusing on ongoing literary writings and activism in Hindi belt by Dalit women, she is trying to examine how these Dalit women are strategically using and recreating socio-cultural spaces as tools to generate collective and critical dialogue on issues of patriarchy and caste. Her work is an attempt to analyse the emergence of Dalit women as counter publics in reaction to the exclusionary politics of the mainstream. She is also trying to understand contemporary caste/gender issues among Dalits, tribes and minorities, especially the method that these women are using to resist subjection hidden in Caste-class-gender dynamics.

Email: archanaparihar [at] gmail [dot] com