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Chandraiah Gopani

Chandraiah Gopani is an Assistant Professor in the Institute; he obtained his M.A, M.Phil and PhD in the discipline of Political Science from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. His areas of interests are Political theory, Social movements and Dalit studies, Education and Gender. He is engaged in doing research and teaching of anti caste legacies by focusing on Dalit movements, politics and literature and the role of social movements in shaping the society, state and democracy. Presently he is working on "The Most marginalised Dalits" part of it he undertook ICSSR research project entitled "The struggles for Recognition and Redistribution of Dalits: A Study of Madigas' Culture, Identity and Struggles in undivided Andhra Pradesh". Further he is also working on "Dalit Youth: Mobilities and Mobilizations" etc. He regularly writes to the reputed research journals, magazines and news papers both in English and Telugu.         

E-mail: gchandraiah2007 [at] gmail [dot] com; Contact No:09956377352 (ALD), 09959626384 (HYD) 

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